You can buy Zrii Amalaki Juice and other Zrii & Zilis products in all these countries.


Latin America

Shipping Time: 5-7 business days

North America

3-Day Shipping Available in the USA and 7-14 days for Canada

Frequently Asked Questions

Zrii products currently only reach the countries listed above.

You can pay with credit or debit cards, also you can do it with Paypal. You will be charged in USD.

At the moment the purchase currency is USD. Only in Peru and Bolivia we can accept your local currency with bank transfer.

Officially since January 4, 2021, Zrii & Zilis are a single company taking the main trade name Zilis. Since the latter, the new brand color is blue. So, our product presentations sooner will have a change in design and color. You can read more about it here.

Zrii Amalaki™ Shop is a place where you can buy online the Zrii and Zilis Products. Currently Zrii Products for some countries (like the USA) are not available in a fast and online way to buy them. Only a ex-Zrii Internatioanl Ambassador who has migrated succefully to Zilis company can supply them by demmand using a internal old system.

So that’s why Zrii Amalaki™ Shop is here, to make you life easier, faster and continuing giving an A1 support as always.

Absolutely yes, for over a decade they have been excellent with a unique formulation in the world and will continue to do so.

Zilis is one of the companies most committed to the nutrition and well-being of people using the great benefits of the ancient and sacred cannabis plant. Given that hemp is one of the most recognized and accepted plants worldwide for its direct benefits on the body, it has developed a dozen products that have the purpose of enhancing our health by raising our immune system, supports metabolism, anti-inflammatory effects, and much plus. CBD / Hemp products are the next wave in health and we are ready to serve the world with it.

We are always here to serve you, you can write to us through the chat you see, via WhatsApp (or text us) at the number you see above (+1 859 888 3127) or write us via email to

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