Amla Beyond Anti-Oxidant

Amla is one of the most powerful antioxidants known to man. Amla is also known as Amalaki in Sanskrit and Indian gooseberry in the English-speaking world. It is a deciduous tree native to tropical regions that thrive in warm climates. 

The tree grows to a medium height and is referenced in the ayurvedic medicine book “The Charka Samhita.” It is the greatest of all body rejuvenators, according to Charka Samhita.

Emblica Officinalis is a medium-sized tree with reddish-brown bark. It is most often seen on the Indian subcontinent. In general, the whole plant is utilized, although the fruit is the most often used.

Since ancient times, Amalaki has been commonly utilized in India. It is used in a variety of contexts. Chutney (sauce), murabba, pickles, and powders are all options. 

Its preparation is available in practically every Indian kitchen. It is an essential component of several ayurvedic medicines and supplements, including Triphala, Chavyanprasha, Amalaki Rasayana, Arogyaverdhani vati, and others.

The following are some of the health advantages of Amla:

Amalaki is an excellent source of vitamin C

It is believed that fresh amla fruits contain roughly 720 mg of ascorbic acid per 100 grams. Amalaki juice has 900 mg of vitamin C per 100 grams.

Promotes food absorption 

Amalaki aids in the absorption of food in the body. Amalaki’s cold characteristics assist optimal absorption of water and other nutrients in the intestines. 

It also aids in the maintenance of normal peristaltic motions in the body.

Balances gastric juices 

Amalaki aids in the correct production of gastric juices, particularly the hydrochloric acid (HCl) produced in the stomach. 

This hydrochloric acid aids inappropriate digestion, but when it is released in high quantities, it produces the well-known problem of acidity.

Improves liver health

Amla is one of the most effective liver stimulants. It aids in the correct production of bile fluids as well as the appropriate metabolism of lipids. 

It also aids in the improvement of the body’s immunity and protects us against diseases such as jaundice and malaria.

Improves mental stamina

It aids in the improvement of brain function and mental attention. It boosts the brain’s grasping power as well as its keeping capability.

Enhanced detoxification

Amla, as previously stated, aids in boosting peristaltic motions and so supports the effective evacuation of toxins from the body. 

It tones up our gastrointestinal tract and nourishes it properly.

Tones urinary system

It tones up the urinary tract and also aids in the removal of any infection that may occur in the body. 

Furthermore, it minimizes the likelihood of calculus (stones) production in the kidneys.

Improves skin texture

Amalaki is great for our skin and creates a healthy shine. Because of its cold potency, it is quite beneficial in nourishing the skin to the maximum extent. 

It prevents any kind of infection from entering the body and causing skin problems, particularly acne. 

It also promotes blood circulation to the skin and cleanses the blood, lowering the risk of blood infection, which is the leading cause of skin disorders.

Promotes hair development

It aids in the growth of hair and also enhances its texture. It is frequently used in hair oil in India, which is why Indians have lovely hair. 

It also helps to prevent premature greying of the hair and preserves it in its original hue.


Amla is the most potent natural antioxidant. It aids in the removal of free radical production in the body as well as the elimination of toxins. It keeps the skin glowing and prevents the creation of wrinkles on the skin.

Improves immunity

It is highly beneficial in increasing the body’s immunity. It encourages the development of antibodies in the event of an external invasion of antigens capable of causing illness in the body.

Good for eyes

It is fantastic for improving eyesight. It helps to strengthen the eye muscles and has the potential to eliminate the need for glasses. 

It also aids in the cooling of the eyes and the prevention of eye disorders such as redness, watering, and itching.

Final Words

This given list of its benefits is very small. If we go nuts and write every benefit that this superfruit offers months will pass.

But you got the idea of how amla can help you and improve the functioning of your body from the cellular level.

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