Best practices to keep your brain healthy.

Best practices to keep your brain healthy.

As you get older, your body and brain go through natural changes. There are certain things you can do to assist slow any memory loss and reduce your risk of getting Alzheimer’s or another dementia. Here are the best practices to keep your brain healthy.

5 practices to keep your brain healthy

(1) Regular exercise 

Regular physical activity benefits the brain. Exercise has several established advantages. Numerous studies have shown that persons who are physically active have a lower risk of getting Alzheimer’s disease and are less likely to experience a decline in their mental function. 

Exercise increases blood flow to the brain and helps to mitigate some of the natural declines in brain connectivity that happens with aging, thereby reversing some of the issues. 

(2) Avoid eating a lot of sugar 

Even in the absence of diabetes, high blood sugar can increase your risk for dementia. Therefore, stay away from sugary meals like soda and candy. 

(3) Sleep well 

Your ability to think clearly depends on how well you sleep. Some theories contend that sleep enhances memory consolidation and improves overall memory and brain health by removing aberrant proteins from the brain. 

It’s crucial to make an effort to get seven to eight hours of uninterrupted sleep every night, as opposed to sleeping in two- or three-hour bursts. Your brain needs time to successfully consolidate and store memories, which is provided by uninterrupted sleep. Your brain’s health is negatively impacted by sleep apnea, which may also be the cause of your inability to acquire uninterrupted hours of sleep. If you or a member of your family believes you may have sleep apnea, consult your doctor. 

(4) Be mentally active 

Your brain is like a muscle; you have to exercise it to keep it strong. You can engage in a variety of mental exercises to keep your brain in tip-top shape, including Sudoku and crossword puzzles, reading, playing cards, and jigsaw puzzle construction. Think of it as cerebral cross-training. Therefore, mix up your tasks to boost efficiency. 

Reading or setting oneself a task to solve can exercise your brain just as well. 

(5) Engage in social activities 

Social connection prevents despair and stress, two conditions that might worsen memory loss. If you live alone, especially, look for ways to connect with family, friends, and other people. 


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